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I'm Imani Murray


I'm a 2022 graduate from The Pennsylvania State University!

My degrees are in Engineering and Chinese Language (中文), but my passions lie in traveling the world and experience what it has to offer. 

The Essence of Being "Connected"


My journey started with a study-abroad in Beijing, China. I graduated high school early because I felt disconnected. 

In China, I met lifelong friends that gave me homes in many countries and grew more than I would have at home. 

There, I connected not only with people, a new language, and a new culture, but I became connected with MYSELF.

I believe travel saved me. In a time where we are connected to everything, too often we feel disconnected in our own lives.

Disconnected from our: 

Travel strengthened my connection to myself.

After 13 countries, I can say I've found my calling and I want to help others find their travel calling too!

I want to elevate you from tourist to traveler so you're empowered to take on this world!

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Hotel Colon Rooftop in Barcelona, Spain
Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Italy
Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Island Tour in Phuket, Thailand
San Marco in Venice, Italy
Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Buzios, Brazil
Marriott Mena House in Giza, Egypt
Akumal Monkey Sanctuary in Tulum, Mexico
Giza Pyramid Complex in Giza, Egypt
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