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My Travel Journey


Where I'm From


Born in Ohio, growing up in PA, moving to Indiana at 11... I've moved to and lived in over 6 states!

I've explored many more in the south, west coast, Midwest, and my home, the east coast.


Country 0  (Honorary Mention)


Where my Jamaicans at??!

My mothers side is from Cave, Westmoreland so of course I had to make the trip home (TWICE!). 

Country 1


Speaking Mandarin has given me the opportunity to visit China twice. As one of my top destinations for culture, food, and so much more, this is the first country I traveled to solo!


Country 2

United Arab Emirates

My first college break trip was to Dubai with one of my best friends from high school. Dubai didn't break the bank and I spent $1600 total on this trip! This is my milestone trip because it's the first trip I planned and executed on my own.

Country 3


Rio De Janiero is one of my favorite travel destinations. I traveled to 3 cities within Brazil and loved each one of them. This is definitely one of those destinations that brings me a lot of joy and makes me want to explore more of the country. 

The food, the culture, the people, the VIEWS! Need I say more?


Country 4


In 2021 I took my mom to Egypt for Mothers Day! She got COVID and put us into quarantine for the first two weeks so that ruined the initial part but we made it! We explored New and Old Cairo, Giza, and Sharm El- Sheikh. 

Country 5


2020 marked my first planned and executed group trip to Tulum. Enjoy the cenotes, art, and overall aura of Tulum. Less touristy than Cancun, this was definitely a favorite for an exciting and active trip with friends. 


Country 6


One thing about Barcelona is SHE FINNA SEE ME AGAIN!!!!!

Barcelona is a top 3 city on my list! The energy I felt when in this city is still unmatched. The people, the food, especially the tapas bars because I still think about that experience to this day, truly a city that has impacted me deeply. 

Pro-tip: Stay at Hotel Colon for this beautiful view!

Country 7


A $70 roundtrip flight from Barcelona brought my mother and I on a weekend excursion to Venice! I had never taken so many boats and water mobiles in a day than I did here, so if you get seasick often... I got some bad news for ya. 

Pro-tip: Gondola rides are actually expensive!? €80-€100 per gondola depending on time of day.


Country 8


By far the country that impacted me the most, Thailand is the top destination on my list. The delicious khao soi from Chiang Mai, the relaxed city life of Bangkok, and the island hopping in Phuket are amongst the fondest memories I have. Not only is Thailand one of the safest countries I have been to but it is beautiful and rich in culture and the PEOPLE! The people are what really draw me back every time. 

Country 9


My first and only college study abroad experience. Austria was not planned but the history of music immediately made me feel connected. Here, I saw the resting places of famous composers like Beethoven and was surprised to find traces of the lives of Sigmund Freud and my favorite artist, Salvador Dali. 

Pro-tip: Getting around via public transport is easy and free!


Country 10


This is the one destination I did not plan on going to for a while and by far my most last minute trip (booked the flight 11 days before I left)! I heard a lot of negative things about Paris that discouraged me but my experience was much better than expected. 

My advice if you want to go to Paris?

Do your research, learn some French, venture outside of the touristy areas, and don't over romanticize the destination before you get there. 

Country 11

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